Perfecting the Deadlift

27 September 2016
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Including large compound exercises in your workout routine helps to burn more calories and build more functional strength that isolation moves alone can't do. The deadlift is the perfect example of where a compound movement helps to engage the front and rear muscles in the leg, the spine, core and the upper back and shoulders sequentially, helping to develop each muscle. However, with any good deadlift the exercise starts from the feet, and any reputable sports podiatrist will tell you that appropriate footwear for such an exercise, is of paramount importance to reduce the risk of injury. Read More 

Sports Therapy: Exercise Feats to Work your Feet

23 August 2016
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Your feet are the furthest limbs on the body. They are probably also the furthest thing occupying your mind, which is why you are more likely to ignore a little pain from your big toe or below your knee. Only when it's too late, do you schedule your appointment with your podiatrist. Every day, you subject your muscles to a little more tension or pressure when you run, turn or stand in an uncomfortable posture. Read More 

3 Tips to Beat Dry Feet and Nail Infections

18 July 2016
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Any podiatrist will tell you that looking after your feet on a daily basis is incredibly important. Sore dry skin, extreme nail infections and other problems can cause embarrassment and pain, and in time may become debilitating. Here are three home remedies to help you to kill off fungus infections and moisturise your skin to ensure you have healthy feet that feel great and are free of odour causing bacteria.  Read More 

Parents Worried About Lower Limb Injuries From Climbing Trees: Calm Your Fears With These Facts

20 May 2016
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Worried about your child climbing trees? Wondering if it's safe for their lower limbs in particular? Here is what you need to consider about trees, injuries and lower limbs: 1. Climbing trees can be dangerous but so are most other hobbies and everyday living. While climbing a tree, your child could fall and hurt their lower limbs, arms or other body parts. However, it is important to remember that every activity has a degree of danger in it. Read More 

Tunnels Of Love: How To Treat The Symptoms Of TTS Without Resorting To Surgery

10 March 2016
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What is tarsal tunnel syndrome? The tarsal tunnel is a small canal, lined with bone, that lies underneath the bumps on your inner ankles. These inconspicuous tunnels are much more important than they appear -- many of the important nerves that provide sensation and control to the ankles, feet and toes are routed through these canals, and any damage to these canals can easily damage these delicate nerves.  Tarsal tunnel syndrome, commonly abbreviated to TTS, occurs when the tarsal tunnels narrow, compressing and impinging the nerves within. Read More