Know Your Onions About Bunions: Treating Bunions Affecting Elderly People

19 November 2015
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Taking care of your feet is an important part of staying healthy whatever your age, but it tends to become even more important for older people. A lifetime of exercise, activity and occasional abuse takes its toll on the feet and toes, and one of the most common ways your feet can be damaged in later life is through the formation of bunions. Though bunions can develop at any stage in life, they are generally most common, and most severe, amongst elderly patients. Read More 

Fallen Arches: The Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Options

27 August 2015
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Fallen foot arches lead to the supporting structures of your feet and lower legs coming under too much strain. When your arches collapse and the entire sole of your foot is flat you may change the way you walk to compensate for the shift in your balance and posture, but this can cause pain and damage the tendons and muscles in your feet. Here's what you need to know about fallen arches: Read More 

3 Parkinson’s-Related Foot Conditions Your Podiatrist Can Treat

23 June 2015
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If you have Parkinson's disease you may develop problems with your feet as a result of changes to your gait, posture and circulation. Additionally, you may find it difficult to bend over and carry out basic foot care such as trimming your nails if you experience muscle stiffness and dizziness as symptoms of your illness. Here's an overview of three common Parkinson's-related foot conditions and the associated podiatric treatment options: Read More 

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Explained

17 April 2015
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Tarsal tunnel syndrome is a painful condition that can lead to reduced movement in your foot. The tarsal tunnel is a small channel situated between the ligaments in your lower leg and your ankle bone. It contains tendons and nerves that help keep your foot flexible, but these tendons and nerves can be damaged when your foot is put under regular strain. Here's an overview of the condition. Causes Read More 

What Podiatrists Will Tell You About Sweaty Feet

14 April 2015
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If you are one of the millions of people whose feet sweat excessively, it is not a condition that you should to ignore due to embarrassment or ignorance. So as you get ready to visit a podiatrist for that initial visit, here are some of the things you can expect to learn about a condition that is more common than you think. It's Called Plantar Hyperhidrosis Your podiatrist will tell you that the official name for sweaty feet is plantar hyperhidrosis, which translates to foot sweat that is excessive. Read More