Sports Therapy: Exercise Feats to Work your Feet

23 August 2016
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Your feet are the furthest limbs on the body. They are probably also the furthest thing occupying your mind, which is why you are more likely to ignore a little pain from your big toe or below your knee. Only when it's too late, do you schedule your appointment with your podiatrist. Every day, you subject your muscles to a little more tension or pressure when you run, turn or stand in an uncomfortable posture. Worse still, suffering a recurring ankle sprain can be quite detrimental. Whether rehabilitating your limb after surgery or just for fun, consider some sports therapy to ease up the tension in that muscle.

Your legs got your back

The lower limbs are functionless without the back supporting muscle. The human upright posture is supported by the spine. The back muscles attach to it to give you stability. A squat station would be a good place to work this back muscle! This station supports great weights on the back, while the front supports only the weights that you feel comfortable enough to lift. Perform your power lifts in a squat-stand motion in sequence. Do 10 squats and secure the weight on the station and then take a one-minute break. Repeat five times before you move on to the next routine.

Tense up your muscles

A little tension stimulates a better flow of blood and nutrients to your muscles. Choosing the right gym equipment to stimulate specific trigger points is the secret to a good exercise session. The good news is that most gym equipment have graphic illustrations of how to use them, making it, even more, easier. Making use of a horizontal leg press is an excellent way to work your quads and hamstrings. Flex your hips on the hanging leg raise equipment. This should test your endurance and the strength of your lower back. Finish off this exercise on the rowing machine that will work your posterior to the core.

Roll on those trigger points

This part of the exercise doesn't make use of heavy weights, so don't get worked up yet. Foam rollers are steel or PVC core pipes that are rubber coated. This rubber coat takes the shape of raised nodes that may be equally sized and distributed, or differently sized, with some sections more rugged while others smoothen out. Rolling on these messages the tissues deeply where the nodes are raised, and gently where they smoothen out. Alternate your movement and pressure, to produce the best result in your leg muscle. Maintaining this routine should save you a trip to your podiatrist.